Monday, December 12, 2011

T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney

So, this isn't really a dining review. It's more of a warning. This restaurant is very well done when it comes to theming, with life-like dinosaurs, scenery, etc. Unfortunately, that can make it a bit unsettling for younger children. We thought our 3.5 year old son would love it, being that he is into dinosaurs. However, he ended up being so frightened by the loud dinosaurs, storm sequence, etc. that we left the restaurant before we had even ordered our food. Our son doesn't usually get frightened by these types of things, so it must have been really scary for him. Maybe we will try again on a future trip to Disney. Or maybe not. The menu wasn't all that appealing in my opinion and everything seemed quite over-priced. My wife and I were more than happy to head to Earl of Sandwich instead. Again, great theming, and that's really the main draw, so if you think your kid(s) will be frightened, don't bother.

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