Friday, August 19, 2011

WDW Photo Spots with Kids

Okay, so I've totally taken this concept from the folks at WDW Photography. I absolutely LOVE their ongoing series featuring the best spots to capture amazing WDW images (ala the Parks' Kodak Photo Spots, only better). However, I noted that one thing was missing from their shots... people! And, for purposes of my idea, kids. Now, my wife will be the first to tell you that I actually take more photos like the WDW Photography team (that is, without the people) and that she is the one that makes sure we have some people in our shots. So, most of the photos featured in this series will probably have been taken by her! So, here we go. First up, a must-have photo for each visit to Disney World, great for capturing how your child(ren) grow from year to year: the Sword in the Stone, in front of Prince Charming Regal Carousel in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.  

Our son, just after he turned 1.
Our son a few months before his third birthday.
Featured above is our son, from two of our recent trips to Disney. The first right after he turned one, and the second, shortly before he turned three. Unfortunately we failed to take this photo when he was two. But now you  know about this great Photo Spot, so you won't make that mistake! 

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