Sunday, August 28, 2011

Touring Plans: The Lines App User Manual

So, you've purchased your Touring Plans membership, done all of your planning for your Disney vacation, and figured out what days to visit which parks based on the crowd calendar. The big day has arrived and you've just walked through the gates at the park. Now what? How can you maximize your time in the park and continue to put your family's touring plan to use? It's quite simple really - just use your Lines app (part of your Touring Plans membership) to access a number of great features from your mobile device as you make your way through the park. Among other things, you can view daily park details and wait times. You can also do your part by entering in your own personal wait times and help make Lines more accurate for everyone!

Check out the Lines App User Manual to learn all there is to know about Lines and how to make best use of it during your visit to WDW.

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