Monday, August 22, 2011

Stroller Rentals at WDW

One dilemma faced by all parents traveling to WDW with small children is how to approach the stroller situation: should you bring your own stroller or rent on arrival? There's a good chance that your decision will be based on whether you are driving or flying. However, for us, we've found that even packing our stroller into our SUV makes for a tight squeeze (and we've only travelled with one child and a single stroller so far).

If you choose to bring your own stroller, there are many different thoughts out there and tips for cutting down on the hassle, such as checking your stroller plane-side if flying, shipping the stroller to your hotel in advance of your stay, or purchasing a cheap stroller on arrival and donating it to another family or charity upon your departure. Many would recommend that you travel with a light, compact umbrella-style stroller. As for us, we love our BOB stroller and all of its maneuverability, cargo space, etc (although it does not fold up compactly and takes up a lot of space in the car...).

If you decide to rent, your best bet is probably NOT renting a stroller through Disney, as your likely to get a better deal, greater flexibility and a nicer stroller from an outside company.  A stroller rental from Disney runs $15 a day for a single or $31 for a double (with only a slight discount of $13/$27 for multi-day rentals. Plus, you can't take the stroller out of the park where you rented it (i.e., no parkhopping with the stroller - you'll have to pick-up a new one at the other park, and no stroller at your resort/hotel).

MouseSavers, which provides some of the best, most accurate advice and deals on all things Disney, recommends renting your stroller from Magic Strollers.

To find out more about Magic Strollers, check out MouseSavers, or visit Magic Strollers directly. A single stroller is $15 for the first day and $8 for each additional day. A double stroller is $25 for the first day and $9 for each additional day. The company rents Baby Jogger City Mini strollers, and will drop the stroller off at your hotel when you need it and will pick it up when you depart all for free. They deliver to most resorts/hotels in the WDW/Orlando area. Plus, there's no minimum rental as required by some other companies.

Orlando Stroller Rentals also features some very nice strollers, including Baby Jogger and BOB, and rental price varies based on the number of days you will need your stroller and what type of stroller you want. For instance, for the same City Jogger stroller above, 1-3 nights is $50, 4-7 nights is $70, 8-10 nights is $90, and 11-14 nights is $110. So, you may find that you can get a slightly better deal, depending on how long you stay at Disney. Orlando Stroller Rentals also offers free delivery, and is recommend by and the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.  

The bottom-line, regardless of which of these companies you choose, you are better off renting from a third-party rather than from Disney itself. You'll get a better deal and a more maneuverable, nicer and more comfortable stroller, which will make everyone happier.

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