Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Restrictions Placed on Online Dining Reservations

While I haven't personally tested the system, it appears that you ca no longer book multiple Advanced Dining Reservations for the same time frame. Which makes perfect sense (I was surprised it was previously allowed) - double-booking ties up reservation slots that would be otherwise free to other guests. Unfortunately, this will cut down on your flexibility when planning your meals at WDW, especially if you are planning far in advance and are unsure on what days you will be at each of the parks. I actually booked multiple meals in different parks on our most recent trip to ensure we had something planned regardless of which park we decided to visit on that particular day. However, I always made sure to cancel the reservation I wasn't going to use well in advance.  Apparently, many folks were not doing that, so Disney changed the policy. So, looks like you'll have to do a more thorough job of planning on the front end. All the more reason to invest in Touring Plans and the Disney Food Blog Dining Guide to help you determine what days you should visit each park and which restaurants you should choose!

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