Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dining Spotlight: Pinocchio's Village Haus (MK)

While it pains me to give a less-than-glowing review of a Disney restaurant, it must be done. We grabbed a quick dinner at The Pinocchio Village Haus at the Magic Kingdom today when we returned to the park for the late afternoon/evening. We knew we wanted to do counter service, but hadn't made a decision exactly where. A quick rain shower made the decision for us... We ducked into Pinocchio and found a great table overlooking it's a small world - definitely a fun aspect of this restaurant, being able to watch the boats set off on the happiest cruise that ever sailed. However, the food left something to be desired - flavor.
I really thought the meatball sub that I ordered would hit the spot, but it did not. While it wasn't terrible, it was very lacking in flavor. My wife had the same reaction to her chicken parmesean and its accompanying side of penne pasta. In fact, the best dish at our table was our son's pizza off the kid's menu. While this restaurant provides great entertainment overlooking small world and a convenient location if you're spending time in Fantasyland (and/or trying to get out of the rain), the food could use some improvement. If Pinocchio tells you his food is flavorful, you better check to see if his nose is growing...

Also, be sure to check out for a complete menu and the Disney Food Blog Dining Guide for more information on this and other WDW restaurants.

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