Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tip: Early Park Access

Ever dreamed about having the Magic Kingdom to yourself to take photos and stroll down Main Street USA before the crowds arrive? How about getting a jump start ahead of the crowds at rope drop when the parks open? Then book an early morning character breakfast at one of the parks! For instance, book breakfast at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. Crystal Palace takes reservations for breakfast that begin earlier than the park opens, so you can enter the park for breakfast by showing your reservation confirmation. While you can't ride any rides, or make it past the "hub" in front of the castle, you will have the opportunity to take photos up and down Main Street and of Cinderella's Castle without the crowds. You'll also be in prime position to make a quick dash to the most popular rides (hint hint Dumbo) before the gates open. Just make sure you book your reservation for a day that does not have Extra Magic Hours. One caveat: if you are staying off-property, it can be a bit difficult to get to the Magic Kingdom super-early, because you have to park at the ticket and transportation center and take the ferry or monorail over to the MK and these do not start running early enough to make the earliest of reservation times (if you are staying on-property, the resort monorail and buses begin running earlier and can get you to the MK on-time).

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