Friday, April 8, 2011


Occasionally, I'm going to throw in a non-Disney post. A perfect example is SniqueAway - an amazing travel deal website that offers incredible deals to luxury hotels and resorts across the country and around the world.  We were fortunate enough to take advantage of their Chateau Elan getaway and really enjoyed it. Wish we had time to take advantage of more of them - these are the types of places you would not expect to find great deals and that would make for great weekend getaways or special celebrations. For more information, and to join (for free) click this link: SniqueAway You'll get weekly updates about the properties on-sale and will have a window of several months in which to travel. An example of their offerings is the XV Beacon Hotel in Boston, featured on SniqueAway last month at a discount of nearly 50%! As an added bonus, you get a $25 credit for each of your friends that signs up and then books a trip. And yes, that means you'll help me earn credits by signing-up through the link above, so thanks in advance, and happy travels! P.S. - it's worth signing-up just to look at the gorgeous photos of the featured resorts!

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