Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parking Tip: the AAA Diamond Parking Pass

Not staying on-property and plan to drive to the parks each day? Want to score front-row, prime parking at the parks, even if you don't arrive at the crack of dawn (or even if you do)? Then here's the tip for you - the AAA Diamond Parking Pass.  This pass, available to AAA members who book their vacations/buy their park tickets through their local AAA club, allows holders to park in a special reserved parking area at each park. You still have to pay the $14 daily parking fee, but at least you get great parking for that fee, making life a little easier, and saving time arriving at and leaving from the parks. Hey, those critical extra few minutes could mean an extra ride, or getting to see that one character you've just got to meet. And, the good news for those that are not AAA members: you can find these passes on eBay for pretty cheap. They are good for the entire calendar year, so most folks will list them on eBay after they've taken their trip (meaning the further you get into the year, the more there are on eBay and the less expensive they are). We have bought these twice and most recently paid around $7 with free shipping. You'll note that the certificates do say "non-transferable" and "void if sold," but we have not had any problems. I suppose it is always a risk, but at $7 a great risk worth taking. Plus, the Disney Parking staff has enough on its hands to move thousands of cars through each of its parking lots each day, so I doubt they are too concerned our will scrutinize too closely.

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