Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mr. Potato Head - Disney Style

 Looking for a great souvenir to bring home from WDW? A fun shopping experience? How about a little creative thinking and competition? Well, here's something that will let you check all of those boxes: Disney-themed Mr. (and Mrs.) Potato Head pieces! Head over to the Downtown Disney marketplace area, and check out Once Upon a Toy. For $20 you can take home as many pieces as will fit into a box they give you. Talk about a challenge! As someone who loves the art of packing a car for vacation - yes, I did say art - and the challenge of seeing just how much stuff you pack-in, I was all over this! They have all sorts of character pieces, from classic Disney characters, to Dumbo, princesses, Pirates and Buzz Lightyear. For $20, this is a great price for a great souvenir, especially if you're up to the challenge of wedging in every last piece possible! Once Upon a Toy is a great place to shop for other Disney toys as well, and overall, Downtown Disney can provide a nice break from the parks, with many shopping and dining options.

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