Saturday, April 16, 2011

Extra Magic Hours (EMH)

Simply put, Extra Magic Hours (EMH) are one of the perks associated with staying "on-property" at a Walt Disney World Resort. Each day, a different Disney Park will offer resort guests the opportunity to enter a park early or stay at a park later. This allows you to spend some extra time in the parks before the general crowds arrive/after they leave, and when things may be therefore less crowded.  This is a really great perk of your schedule and daily routine allows you take advantage of it.  However, for intsance if you have small children who go to bed early, or older children who sleep-in late, EMHs may not be right for you. 

If plan on taking advantage of EMHs, you may want to avoid a park on a day that it has EMHs as it will tend to be generally more crowded overall since resort guests will be taking advantage of that park. Check out to determine which days during your visit will be best to visit each park, based on EMHs and other factors.

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