Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dining Spotlight: Garden Grove (Swan and Dolphin Resort)

Garden Grove, located at the Swan and Dolphin Resort, is an overlooked/unknown character dining spot at WDW featuring Goofy and Pluto nightly as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings. The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed than other character dining spots and its easier to book a reservation. It was a great place for us to take our son for his first character experience, just after he turned one year old. Each night features one of three specific buffet themes, so plan accordingly:
  • Monday: Southern BBQ
  • Tuesday: Mediterranean Night
  • Wednesday: Southern BBQ
  • Thursday: Mediterranean Night
  • Friday: Seafood Sensation
  • Saturday: Mediterranean Night
  • Sunday: Southern BBQ
Another great reason to visit Garden Grove is because you can  sometimes find gift certificates online, giving you a great discount on your meal (e.g., you can often grab $25 gift certificates for just $2).

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